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If you are considering filing for divorce or have already filed, you should have a skilled attorney on your side to ensure you are protected. Rand P. Schwartz has more than 35 years of experience that he uses when handling divorce, all related issues and all other types of family law matters. He can provide you with the information and guidance you need in order to make educated decisions about your divorce.

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Divorce Issues

Below are some of the common types of issues that arise during the divorce process. Mr. Schwartz can handle these and any other matters that may need to be addressed:

  • Property division: In New York, marital property is divided according to the law of equitable distribution. This means that property and assets that were acquired during the course of the marriage are divided equitably and fairly between the two parties, but not necessarily 50-50. We can help you understand how homes, cars, personal property, retirement accounts, 401(k)s and other assets may be divided. Marital debts are also divided as part of the divorce process.
  • Spousal support (maintenance): Though not all divorces involve spousal support or spousal maintenance, it is important to know your rights if you are seeking payments or attempting to prevent payments from being ordered. The courts consider a wide range of factors when determining whether or not spousal maintenance should be required such as:
    • Length of the marriage
    • Age and health of the parties
    • Financial contributions made by each party
    • Income-earning potential of each party
    • Employment throughout the course of the marriage
  • Child support and child custody: Any legal issues that involve the children of a marriage should be handled with as little impact to the children as possible. Though a divorce is a stressful process, we can work with clients to ensure custody and support matters are resolved as efficiently as possible. While child custody is awarded in a way that suits the best interests of the children, child support is an amount that is set according to state guidelines and calculated by a formula. In order to fully understand your rights in custody or child support matters, do not hesitate to bring your questions and concerns to your lawyer.

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