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When a sudden, violent truck accident or serious dog bite injury interrupts your life, you feel confused, powerless and desperate for help. You worry about where the money will come from to pay your medical bills — how you will survive in an uncertain economy — and if your job will still be there when you get back.

The experienced Long Island personal injury attorney who uses his more than 35 years of experience to aggressively protect your rights and personalize his services to fit your unique needs is Rand P. Schwartz in Massapequa Park.

Our law firm’s founder understands the concerns of people recovering from injuries sustained in accidents caused by negligence — and the devastation families can feel after a catastrophic injury to a relative, or losing a loved one to wrongful death. He has been to your homes and hospitals. Your stories inspire him to work hard for justice when negotiating with insurers or representing you at trial.

Contact Massapequa Park personal injury lawyer Rand P. Schwartz to arrange a free initial consultation. Our contingency fee policy means you owe no attorney fee unless our lawyer wins your case.

Personalized Legal Services For Your Accident Personal Injury Claim

The Law Office of Rand P. Schwartz provides sound guidance and solid support for victims of negligence that causes:

Mr. Schwartz has a vested interest in boating safety, as a boater for 35 years. If a careless, speeding or drunk boater injures you in an accident, or if a malfunction, defect
or design flaw in your boat causes injury, he will fight hard for the maximum financial compensation you deserve.

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Timing is always essential in the filing of a personal injury claim. You should be in touch with a doctor first, to get the medical help you need — then contact Rand P. Schwartz for skilled legal assistance. For a free initial consultation with our experienced Long Island personal injury lawyer, reach him by phone locally 516-324-4053, or by sending an e-mail.